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    Mobile/responsive view only - second header

    Hi Do you know if it is possible to add a header above the mobile / responsive menu only. Not for the desktop or main full page version. Similar to this page: https://derwentwatermarina.co.uk
  2. C

    Mobile/responsive menu

    Hi Do you know if it is possible to add a header above the mobile / responsive menu only. Not for the desktop or main full page version. Similar to this page: https://derwentwatermarina.co.uk
  3. C


    Hi My website is www.ukmedicalcourses.com Do you have any advice on how to delete the sidebar and sort menu on this specific page, as the issue is it is showing at the very top of the page, beneath the Novelpro menu (view on desktop). Page is https://www.ukmedicalcourses.com/courses-overview/...
  4. C

    Menu on click colour

    Hi My website is www.ukmedicalcourses.com For some reason, the menu colours have gone a bit different. When I use Google Chrome, it is all correct, as I want it, but when I use Microsoft Edge, it has different colours. Google Chrome is correct, where when a user clicks, the colour remains...
  5. C

    Brand widget/section

    Hi The brand widget images/titles are not displaying on my page; I have the brand section active as it does display the heading (see bottom of homepage). I have two 'brands' via the novelpro brand widget (when I set up this section). I have uploaded logos and names for each of these two...
  6. C

    Section spacing

    Website is www.ukmedicalcourses.com Is there a way of reducing the spacing between the 'woocommerce products' and the 'contact us' sections on the home page, as there is a large space between the two. Also, is it possible to 'centre align' the products on this section, as they seem to be 'left...
  7. C

    Bottom footer column width

    My website is www.ukmedicalcourses.com Regarding the bottom footer column width, how can I expand this so that the copyright text runs on one line? It looks like this is perhaps split into two columns - not sure.
  8. C


    Hi During user checkout / registration, is there a way to add an additional mandatory field to the user info? In addition to name, e-mail address etc, I want a question about 'Medical school' to know which one they are attending.
  9. C


    Hi Please can you advise how to remove the fain grey border going around this content? There are two borders that I do not want. Also, how reduce the top padding to this page, moving the content upwards? Thank you for a good theme.
  10. C

    Mobile phone menu toggle tab

    Hi My menu tab does not click/open when viewing on mobile for the first time, but if you 'refresh' the page, the user is then able to click it and it opens. www.ukmedicalcourses.com
  11. C

    Remove page title and header background picture

    Please see this link https://www.ukmedicalcourses.com/product-category/revision-courses/ The code below, as advised by you, has removed the title of pages on non Woocommerce pages e.g. about page, but the title still appears here of the page. How can I remove the title and also change the...
  12. C

    header background color

    My website is www.ukmedicalcourses.com I am customising the theme colors. I have removed the page header as per your previous reply to my thread but how can I now change the header background color, as now the menu does not show now the header image has been removed, so I would like a header...
  13. C

    Mobile menu not opening

    Hi there My website is ukmedicalcourses.com When I load this on my mobile (Android, Samsung S9), the mobile menu does not open when I click the icon, it does nothing. To fix this, I simply refresh the page then I am able to click it normally. This problem happened in the last 2 months; I...
  14. C

    Responsive logo

    My site is ukmedicalcourses.com When viewed on mobile devices / responsive mode, the menu changes size on scrolling the page down. How can I stop this size change and just keep the logo as the size which appears when the page loads - I don't like the size change on page scroll. Sorry if this...
  15. C

    Contact form font color

    Hi How do I change the default black font color for the contact form text? I've managed to change the header and subheader color as there is the option to do this, but the font color for name, e-mail, message etc is black. Any suggestions please? Website: www.ukmedicalcourses.com Thanks
  16. C

    Navigation menu colors

    Hi My site page is ukmedicalcourses.com The mobile navigation menu colors are not displaying correctly but are OK on desktop site. For example, the active page menu background is white (and presumably the font is white), so it is now not visible. Also, the 'logout' menu background is black...
  17. C

    Mobile menu error

    Hi again Question one - I've noticed an error with my mobile menu; please see attached images. My site URL is ukmedicalcourses.com The mobile menu appears on all pages except the 'courses' page which is a Woocommerce page that came with your theme. As far as I am aware, nothing has changed...
  18. C

    Menu hover color to transparent

    Hi Is there a way to completely disable the menu hover colour block to make it 'transparent' and instead just make the text change on hover to red, for example?
  19. C

    Header images and colours

    Hi I am wanting to customise the headers more. I want to remove the background image completely for individual pages and just have the menu as a neat white menu and black text. I also want to remove the page title - for example, 'articles' for the link provided...
  20. C

    Site colours

    Hi, My site is www.ukmedicalcourses.com How do I change only the colour of the mobile menu 'hover' over text highlight from the blue I have now to black and white text on hover? My site's colour is blue, but changing this changes the whole site colour. Also, is there a way to set the mobile...