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New profile posts

Help, please! How to use Smart Slider 3 with themehunk Premium themes...
When I use shortcode to plugin my Smart Slider to any page on my site everything is fine but the TEXT COLOR...It just STAYS A GRAY COLOR!!!
I am using themehunk themes,
buenas tardes yo tengo un problema a momento de abrir mi pagina desde el móvil el menú inicio no me funciona se desplega pero no me da opción elegir ni una
Please continue with your private ticket.
Product Image isn't Showing at Product Page and Category Page
My website URL is https://www.ikshop.in/
On the product page and category page, the product image is not showing on mobile devices and sometimes it happened on desktop devices also.
Sometimes it is showing automatically. Kindly Go through our website and provide a solution if you can.
The screenshot is attached.
Please, how can I make a mega menu for the category list like Aliexpress? if any plugin exist.
Thanks in advance!
Olá, mesmo após baixar o api loco translater o tema Open Mart Pro não traduziu algumas palavras, especificamente na barra de pesquisa. Pode me ajudar a traduzir?
Hello there,
Are you still getting the issue with the translation? If yes then let me know which words creating issue. I'll help you.
Thank you

i am imarn tahir.i am using your theme.it is very good theme.

but i am facing one problem in this theme.i have a menu in my site.when i click my dropdown menu showing description with my categories.This problem is showing in mobile mode not in pc. Please help me and solve my problem



imran tahir

Hello!!! I have a technical problem. How can I change the size and font of text... in the block of list in Gutenberg? For example, if the block is a paragraph or header, in that case I can change size, why I can't change it if the block is about "list"? How can I solutioned the problem? Thanks!!!
I just paid to upgrade my template to a pro template. However, they want me to upload the template and then redo my entire website!

Is it possible to upgrade to pro on the existing template that I am using and then keep everything on my site the way it is just with the newly added features?
Some of my items did transfer. I'm still trying to determine how different things worked while others didn't. Have you tried creating a backup, and then uploading the new template to see if your content does stay? (back up first please!)
Good morning and tks for this beautiful theme.
In Magazine Content Area, I added widget « ELANZA : Post Style 1 » as per your demo.
Everything is working correctly except :
* the 4 small images on the left are not responsive on IPAD (I tried different image formats, but no one is appearing well on IPAD version)
* On the footer part, the three columns are also not responsive on IPAD
You can check both pro
Hello there, Are you still using Elanza theme. If yes then please post a query at forum. And we will definitely check responsiveness.
Thank you
hello, I am trying to update the contact us and comment box on the theme, however, it will not let me add the GDPR checkboxes can I deactivate the leader form and use a different form builder? will the theme still work?